Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Igen, ez a változás természetesen érinti az esküvődet is, de ha az esküvőipar is szinte percenként fejlődik, ha napról napra újabb ötletek és megvalósítások látnak napvilágot, akkor miért szerveznéd az esküvődet most is úgy, azon az elven, ahogyan tette azt a barátnőd 2 éve vagy tették a szüleid néhány tíz évvel ezelőtt?

Az esküvő szervezést is hozzá kell igazítani a változáshoz!

Nem engedheted meg magadnak, hogy ne legyen tökéletes az esküvőd. De mi kell ehhez? Hogyan érhetsz el fergeteges hangulatot? Esküvő szolgáltatók interjúi között számtalan meglátás olvasható:

"A menyasszonyon és a vőlegényen. Ezt nagyon komolyan mondom! Ők a főszereplők. Mindenki Őket nézi, ha valami nem stimmel velük kihat az egész lakodalomra. Mindig azt mondom: Érezd jól magad, a többi a vőfély dolga! Főleg azoknak szól, akik maguk szervezik az esküvőt. Ezt bővebben a vofelymegoldas.hu oldalon, illetőleg hírlevelemben szoktam kibontani."

"Úgy gondolom legfőképp, az ott szerepet kapó emberek munka végzésén, illetve, kompromisszum, és probléma megoldó képességén!
Természetesen, nem hagynám ki, a vendégek hozzáállását sem, de úgy érzem, ez egy más kérdéskőr."

"Az esküvő egy összetett dolog. Jónak kell lenni a konyhának, a zenének, a vőfélynek. Nem szabad görcsösen forgatókönyvekhez ragaszkodni, ugyanis a forgatókönyveket az élet írja."

Olvasd el Reflek Duó Esküvői zenekar hogyan vélekedik erről.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Allure of the Blog: Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Blogging is actually a quite easy to use marketing tool. Surely you’ve heard the term “blog” being kicked around lately. But what exactly is a blog, and why would anyone create one? Blogging allows you to create and maintain a brand, it will assist you in maintaining a high-search engine ranking, and they are easy to modify and add content to regularly, thus keeping things fresh.

A blog (which is short for Web log), can stand in place of a standard website in many cases, and the reasons for creating a blog instead of a website are many. First, creating a blog is comparatively easier than creating a website. Building a typical website involves a large amount of upfront effort and time to design the template, create compelling articles, designing a user-friendly, navigable site, ensuring search-engine optimization, etc.

A blog, on the other hand, requires a short set up of about thirty minutes for the average user. And adding information to it is just a matter of typing away – no links necessary. The content on a blog doesn’t have to consist of lengthy articles, either. In fact, a blog is designed to accommodate the kind of content that is off the cuff: short snippets of information, the kind that would have the subject line “Just FYI” if they were in the form of an email.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Are Blogs of the Future of Written Human Culture?

The rising popularity of blogs on the Internet is quite clear and it seems to be something that the people really like. It is also a good measurement of what society is thinking at a particular period of time. Are blogs the future of written human culture; they very well may be. I wish to go on the record in stating that Blogs will indeed paint a picture of what the society was like in this decade. So be careful what you write, how you act and what you say.

If Blogs do not tell of what our society is, How will the Present Period be Recorded in History?

I am certain that the information on our Blogs will tell a story and that story will go down in history as much or more than the headlines, names or events of our day. Because Blogs are all that and more, they tell our story. This is why I believe that Blogging does matter.

If so perhaps then we owe it to ourselves to make our Blogs accurately correct as we discuss the future and do it with the written word on the Internet and videos and art and pictures, even audio.

If someone tries to tell you that what you are writing on your Blog does not matter or is irrelevant then you should be skeptical of their motives. Do not allow that to stop you. Let's here what you have to say; what everyone has to say and let's take that information to make history today.

I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Seven Good Reasons Why We Love Blogs

The popularity of blogs had been increasing around the world. So, why are we using blogs?

Easy to get started

Traditionally, building a website is no easy task. Even if you’re using web-building tools such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, you’ll need a certain skill of html to handle it. Now back in those days, you’ll need to have more advance skills to have extra features on your web.

With the help of blog, it is much easier to implement. You don’t need any sort of web building skills to build a blog. If you know how to use MS word, that’s it! Because most of your time will be typing articles and press the submit button. Blog is actually very user-friendly software.

Easy to maintain

Let’s say if you want to categorize your articles, there’s a lot of work to do if you’re using the traditional web building tools. You’ll need to create separate pages and link these pages to your index page. Keep track of all these file names and links can be quite annoying.

As I’ve mentioned before, most of your time spend in blogging is to write article and submit it. For the same scenario, if you want to create several catalogs, all you’ve to do is to click a few buttons. Next time, if you want to assign an article to a certain catalog, you just have to select the appropriate one and click it. It’s pretty simple. You can forget about all those file names.

Blog will also automatically post you most recent article on the top of the page and archive your old ones so you don’t have to bother handling those files.

Post your article anytime, anywhere

In the traditional way, you’ll need ftp software to upload your new created pages to your website. Under some circumstances, you may have problem installing the ftp software for example in the office they may not allow you to install software in it.

One of the great advantages of Blog is that Blog allow you to post online. As it is web-based, you can post your article anytime, anywhere as long as you can connect to the Internet. So, absolutely you don’t have any problem when you want to write some articles during your lunch hours.


Blog software such as Wordpress is free of charge, which means you can use it without paying any cost. Basically, it already contains the core components for you like auto archive, comments module (the age of guestbook is over), search module and more. Unlike FrontPage and Dreamweaver in which you’ve to pay for it.

Free hosting

There are a number of websites providing free hosting service for blogs. The most famous one is Blogger. WordPress.com is also another good choices. You can also host it in other hosting companies as well like me. So, you may ask what’s the difference between free hosting and host it yourselves in other hosting companies. I’ll explain that later.

Easy to roll out new features and its free again!

After using it for a while, you may become familiar with it and want to have more features, for example the polls feature which allows reader to vote. All you’ve to do is to download the related plug-in and installed in your blog. In this case, you’ll need to download the polls plug-in. Just to remind you, these plug-in are all free and this is many different plug-in that you can download and set in your blog. All free!

Search Engine Friendly

Blog is not only user friendly but the technical aspects behind it also make it search engine friendly. Traditional, URL for each post is hard to read either by human or machine. But with a few clicks in the option settings, you can change all your post’s URL into this.


It turns out to be much more meaningful and search engine friendly.

Of course there are still many reasons out there, but I think the reasons above already represent most of them as well as to give you an idea why we use blogs.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Is Blogging Changing Literature and Writing in the Present Period?

As literature and writing evolve, more and more people join the successful ranks of bloggers, online article writers, and eBook authors. Are we not sure that what we are doing here today on the Internet is not omnipotent? I believe what we write on the Internet today, will in fact, be how history judges us tomorrow.

Is Blogging changing Literature and Writing in the present period? We know that online article writers are beginning to change content on the Internet and that people spend as much time on the Internet as they do reading newspapers and watch TV combined now.

Some might believe as others have said in the past that “what we say here today will be forgotten,” but will it? And will those who played a part in making history in cyber space be the ones who literally changed the face and the future of the written human culture? What say you?

The answer is indeed left for the historians and the entrepreneurial victors of these Internet venues and yet we are well on our way to making that history a reality with our own participation on Blogs, online article sites and content writing.

With this incredible responsibility before us; we must commit thinking time to the cause and understand the importance of this cross-roads in designing the future on the Internet. Let’s make a difference!


I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cyber Tribalism Prevails in the BlogosphereHave you ever participated on a Blog or an Internet forum and felt like there was a little bit of tribalism going on. Where people were ganging up on one another and calling them names and slandering them. Have you noticed that cyber tribalism is on the rise and many of these people are migrating now because they just want to live a better life in other places in the virtual world?

Many of them are crossing the borders into other types of web sites including industry website forums and blogs. The influx of the illegal bloggers and Sploggers is increasing at a rapid rate. Cyber tribalism and cyber bullying is also on the rise on blogs across our nation and something must be done.

It seems when one person attacks another; a mob mentality will start and people will start taking sides and you can watch the Machiavellian exploits of personalities and commenters take place. It is like a tribal dance on a full moon night, as the sound and fury rages on into the darkness because cyber tribalism prevails in the blogosphere.

When you've had enough of the news and the mass media hysteria it is time to go blogging. When you get there just remember I warned you that there are headhunters in a cyber tribalism world of the virtual blogoshere. I wish you all the best and hope your war paint is enough to scare them away. God be with you.

I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.
A Blog is Digital Cyber BlackboardIs a Blog a digital blackboard? Recently a member of the Online Think Tank stated this in a sentence explaining the use of Blogs in society and on the internet. But is his comment a legitimate one? After all no one can say that a digital blackboard is a blog? The word Blog seems to suggest "log" or a place where entries of thoughts are made, such as a journal or log book.

But is a Blog a Log? No, Is a Frog a Hog? Sam I am? In reality Blogs are nothing more than food for the masses. In fact the original word Blog comes from a Dr Seuss Book, where Blogs were trout food. So is the joke really on all the bloggers out there? In other words Blogs are only places designed for the masses to discharge all their sound and fury like a virtual peanut gallery?

If this is the case then it is pretty sad to think that all bloggers out there are putting all their words and thoughts into a virtual space for no reason. How ironic that all the bloggers fell for this and still they spend countless hours putting online their calendar categorized diatribes and monologues about things that really don't matter.

What is even more fun to consider is that other people actually come and read them. Are you a blogger? Don't you feel silly now that all this is really a joke and you fell for it? A reference;


I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.